Issues with Graphics Package

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Issues with Graphics Package

Post by StephanN »

Hello All,
Excited to find the game of my childhood and spend quality time relaxing playing openTTD. I wanted to get some ideas for further troubleshooting. I search the forum and others but havne't been able to find a solution yet.

Issue: any downloaded or manually installed graphic packages are not taking effect. Meaning despite downloading and/or placing in the baseset folders they are not activating and I have a hard time seeing with the nightGFX layouts/tracks etc.

*. On the first loading of the game I start game and receive prompt to download graphics package. pick yes and content is downloaded, I can see two files placed in the content_download ( 4e474658-NightGFX-1.2.0.tar and 4e474658-NightGFX-1.2.0.tar.gz). I can go into the game and then can't switch out the GFX, I can then go and download other GFX packages like OpenGFX or zbase etc. ( I see the tar files in the openttd\baseset directory)

*. On second loading I get the same prompt and then it downloads the files (despite already being in the content_download directory. It downloads and gets stuck on the 2nd tar file. Game will hang.

*. If I delete the two downloads I can get into the game after it to loads and use only the base nightgfx.

Steps taking to reproduce
*. Install openttd per
*. Install openGFX or zBase per instructions: Suspect it can't read the file in the baseset directory??
*. Start game and then download new package. Downloads and can still not change any settings. I can see the new file in the directory. I have checked the permissions and they all have read write for my user. I have specified the gfx in the openttd.cfg file.
*. I have tried reinstalling it several times with fresh dmg downloads each time.

OpenTDD 10.1.1
Platform: osx 10.15.4

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Issues with Graphics Package

Post by jfs »

You're the second to report NightGFX being downloaded by default, and it looks like there is a real problem. Apparently OpenTTD downloads the first graphics set the content server replies with, doesn't look for any particular one, and currently this happens to be NightGFX. We've diagnosed it and will make a fix for it hopefully some time later today.

It sounds like you do manage to download other graphics sets though, but are not able to select them in the Game Options window? I haven't heard of that before.
And sometimes when you do something it hangs during download?
You're reporting multiple things and I'm not sure where one issue ends and another begins.

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