Typing ø, æ or ß

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Typing ø, æ or ß

Post by odalman »

Typing ø, æ or ß does not work in openttd as it does in other programs (AltGr+ö, AltGr+ä or AltGr+s). Typing ü sort of works (it gives ¨ü so one has to go back and delete the ¨. Pasting with Ctrl+V does not work either. This is in KDE Plasma 5.17.4.

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Re: Typing ø, æ or ß

Post by jfs »

Which version of OpenTTD?

On 1.9.x and older, Linux builds almost always use SDL 1.2 as video and input framework, while on current master and the 1.10.0 beta there is support for SDL 2 instead, which might affect this.

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