Trains get stuck after railtype change

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Trains get stuck after railtype change

Post by Hei »

Problem: Trains sometimes get totally stuck in front of the station after upgrading the railtype.

Have a look at this video and/or the attached savegame. The first railtype change did not break anything, but the second one did.

I have only seen this behaviour when using FRISS - Rail Infrastructure version 1.0.2, so I’m not sure whether this is a bug in OpenTTD itself or in that particular NewGRF.
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Re: Trains get stuck after railtype change

Post by juzza1 »

Tested your save, manually replacing the station frees the trains, but using the convert rail tool doesn't. In both cases the railtype returned by the land area information tool is the same. Railtypes can't define any special functionality for manual replacement vs convert rail, so I don't see how this could be an issue with the NewGRF. Friss Rails uses the newish NewGRF feature of 16+ railtypes, so this could be some lingering bug regarding that feature, though this is pure conjencture.

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