Monthly supply and local rating issue?

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Monthly supply and local rating issue?

Post by ZenCore »

Hello everyone,

I am new here. I just registered to ask you about the station ratings. :)
I used to play the old original TTD and I do remember that when there was always a train loading the cargo at the station the rating was still increasing, I could easily have outstanding ratings around 90 percent, isn't that truth?
I'm doing my best, but all my stations have the same rating of 71 %. even though there is always at least 1 train at the station loading the cargo
Is it a normal behaviour of the game?
Am I missing something?
Thanks for advice!

p.s. I do have open TTD version 1.9.3 and also 1.8.0 for MAC and both behaving the same way
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Re: Monthly supply and local rating issue?

Post by jfs »

Station rating is limited by the top speed of the last vehicle that started loading at the station, the age in years of the vehicle, and whether you have built a statue in the station's town.
The exact details are described on the wiki here:

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