Trains not entering sidings via waypoint, getting lost

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Trains not entering sidings via waypoint, getting lost

Post by ColonelThunderbird » 18 Oct 2019 15:31

I use this sort of station fairly regularly on my network: ... sp=sharing

I am, however, noticing that trains can sometimes behave very strangely if ordered to go to the sidings, especially if there are multiples (in this example, I've used a simple 4-platform station but in some cases I go to 6 or 8 with the same 2 major lines through and then sidings in each direction.

A train will be routed via the waypoint, then the station (e.g. Gretown Waypoint --> Gretown Valley) but sometimes it will instead decide to take the major tracks THROUGH the station and then complain that it is lost.

Anyone know why?

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Re: Trains not entering sidings via waypoint, getting lost

Post by Transportman » 18 Oct 2019 19:08

Does the train take the siding if it is the only route available (so only track to the siding)? Because the first thing I think about, is missing overhead wiring on the siding for an electric train, which would force the train to continue on the straight track.
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