Broken Newgrf

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Broken Newgrf

Post by TheUkrainian »

Hey, I've been trying Newgrfs for a while but one Newgrf 'mop's generic road vehicle set' is not working(it keeps giving me a sprite error). Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

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Re: Broken Newgrf

Post by planetmaker »

Does it hurt? Does it work? Not every error is a show-stopper

Errors in a NewGRF, including sprite errors are bugs in that NewGRF and can only be fixed by fixing that NewGRF. Thus contact the NewGRF developers of that particular NewGRF. Ideally it ships with a readme included which you can view ingame and tells you how to contact its developers. If available - you can also get the NewGRF's source code and get your hands dirty and coding yourself :)

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