New SVN version does not start

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New SVN version does not start

Post by Uyenvu123 »

Hi guys

compiled new svn version of openttd yesterday, everything went ok until i tried to run it, the .exe starts but it stays in background just eating 99% of cpu time and 1612k of memory and it wont do more.. this kind of ruins the fun of playing openttd...
i downloaded new svn version today and it wont work either.

i didnt change anything in my compiler (vc .net), just downloaded new source with tortoise.

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Re: New SVN version does not start

Post by planetmaker »

When you say "svn version" - which version is that, what exactly did you clone (URL) and compile?

OpenTTD's authorative repository is at

If it is a version cloned from there with git (!), and your problem persists, please attach your config.log and the compile log, too. "Latest" is not a valid version to discuss - they have a hash to name them or even a tag; then we all know unambiguously which version to talk about ;)

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