V.1.9.3 - graphics

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V.1.9.3 - graphics

Post by Mastercard78 »

Hi, I'm new to this forum but have played OpenTTD a long time. I have OpenTTD on my PC and updated the graphics to 'abase' before the latest update, now downloaded whole game using latest V.1.9.3 onto my laptop and tried to update the graphics to 'abase', yet it brings up an error message in a red box saying "Downloading failed... file not writable" - can anyone help please?

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Re: V.1.9.3 - graphics

Post by kamnet »

Wild guess here, but make sure the folder you downloaded OpenTTD to is writable. It might also be that the sector of your hard drive that the files are stored on have become corrupted. Easy way to check is to try installing OpenTTD into a new directory.

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