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why is adding ais sooooo hard

Posted: 28 Apr 2019 10:18
by m00nwalking
i was a fan of original ttd so when i found ottd i thought cool
i am now 16 years into a game and realized there are no competitors
so turns out you have to go through a complicated process to get them
so i downloaded some ai's then increased the max number of competitors
wait awhile in fast forward (after saving my game of course) still nothing
so i read through a thread on this forum which suggested using the console and typing 'startai'
got a big error message
is there anyway i can get ais in the game without starting again?
i would of been happy with the standard computer players you used to get in the original ttd
is there a button to just turn them on? this game has soooooo many settings
im not a genius im just a dude who wants to relive his childhood i dont understand scripts etc

Re: why is adding ais sooooo hard

Posted: 28 Apr 2019 13:52
by peter1138
If you went through a complicated process, and got the errors you see, then you didn't use the in-game Content Downloader. There you can select AIs, and it will install all the bits necessary. It's very simple.