max amount of goods production

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Re: max amount of goods production

Post by bvoice360 »

Sylf wrote:
bvoice360 wrote:unless that model does not work in the default, but certainly in ECS if two sections of the same station are separated and have an industry on a different side, the industry that gets the cargo from a train that arrives depends on which side of the station it uses.
I'd like to dispute that.
Possibly that has changed between 1.4.4 and 1.5. If it has, or I am just raving about something that is complete baloney (probably the latter), break your stations down further into four different ones and reassign some trains to the new ones that serve more mills if TimeLapse's suggestion dosn't spread the wood out enough. I hope you held [control] while cloning the trains, or otherwise that is going to take ages for what it is worth.

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Re: max amount of goods production

Post by oggear51 »

Long time ago. Was something changed in the meantime?

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