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Use for bugs

Posted: 26 May 2007 10:22
by TrueBrain
Dear bug reporters,

As more and more people start to post their bugs here (which is a bad idea), an other reminder for all of you:

Please do use if you think you have found a bug. This allows us to track a bug, and make sure it doesn't get forgotten. Also, we get IRC notifications as soon as someone adds a bug, so there is a faster feedback.

Use this forum freely to discuss problems, or what ever you think related. Just remember the points above. Bugs should go to

(in other words, read ;))

Thank you,

OpenTTD Developers Team

Re: Use for bugs

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 16:46
by Elvish Magi
When you register with Flyspray to report a bug it returns the following message:

"Flyspray cannot provide the page you requested. Perhaps you requested a task that does not exist, or you do not have permission to view the page you wanted.

You may have tried to use a naughty URL to interact with the database backend using SQL injection. If this is true, go to the corner and think about your actions. When you return, please do not do it again!"

The registration is processed correctly however.

Perhaps a flyspray for tracking bugs with flyspray is needed! ;)

Re: Use for bugs

Posted: 26 Feb 2008 10:59
by Connum
Elvish Magi wrote:Perhaps a flyspray for tracking bugs with flyspray is needed! ;)
good one! ;-) I had problems registering for flyspray as well... But that was long ago and I didn't have any problems since then...

Re: Use for bugs

Posted: 12 Apr 2016 21:26
by Arioch
when a newb find a bug it usually means he is the bug himself. ... 4142381904

also bug report should include technical details to make it reproducible by devs, or at least should try to.

For both those reasons the first thing to do when "thinking you find a bug" would be hitting forum/chat

There you would ask people to reproduce it.

Options are

1: People would try it and say "Yeah! that thing happens, really..." - good. You got an easy to reproduce bug, go to bugtracker ( if it would accept login/password from forum :-) )

2: People would say "you are fool, OpenTTD program acts like it should and you are doing this and that wrong" - good. You may not wait for the fixed release and fix your ways right now, also you did not polluted the tracker with invalid issues.

3: People would say "no, we tried what you describe and it did not happen" - there it goes... interesting? tedious? You and many people in forum would have to pinpoint the required condition for reproducing. After many boring/fascinating iteration you would end with either #1 or #2 and then you would have register the issue.

Before that going "directly to tracker" is preliminary to say the best.