No cargodest in settings?

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No cargodest in settings?

Post by MIUPC » 09 Jan 2019 09:03

Hey everyone! :D

So I've discovered this game a few weeks ago and have been playing it for hours on end and after looking some videos and such i came across the concept of cargodest. After some searching i discovered that i just had to enable it in the setting menu under the 'Economy' tab, but i just can't find this tab. I did enable the Expert settings and it still didn't show...

Do i need a patch for this or something?
Thanks for your time! :)

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Re: No cargodest in settings?

Post by kamnet » 09 Jan 2019 12:57

What you are wanting is "cargo distribution", or cargodist. It can be enabled from the main menu by clicking on "Settings", then Environment -> Cargo Distribution.
More information here:

"Cargodest" (formally "Yet Another Cargo Destinations patch", or YACD) is the name of a somewhat similar concept that was being worked on several years ago, but whose development was stopped by its author in favor of cargodist. You can still download a copy of OpenTTD with cargodest included, but keep in mind that it is a 7 year-old copy of OpenTTD that is incompatible with playing online against other players (unless they have the same exact version), and it is likely not to be able to use many current NewGRFs due to changes in code. It also is not complete and is known to be buggy.

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