Everyone's trying to get onto the same track

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Everyone's trying to get onto the same track

Post by wuubb »

So I have 16 trains, 8 coal, 8 iron ore. I have them going to separate stations at the steel mill to speed up unloading, but share the majority of the main line (2 tracks in each direction). The problem I'm having is even though I put x crossings every so often to make the trains shift to whatever track has an empty block, everyone keeps wanting to shove themselves onto one track at these 2 different junctions, and then they'll go back onto the track they were on before at the next crossing! Certain trains need to take certain splits, but get cut off because the other trains keep all trying to go down the same damn piece of track! I've attached a youtube video to show what I mean:

I've read that putting 2 way signals in certain places will fix things, but I'm not sure where to put them here, it seemed to mess things up more and the trains kept waiting even after the block was clear.

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Re: Everyone's trying to get onto the same track

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Unfortunately, that's an unavoidable part of the pathfinding in this game. Every train thinks the same and they try to take the same path by that token. Even if they take the next track over to avoid a blockage, they'll still converge.

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