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Posted: 07 Apr 2004 22:33
by John
im affraid i have to agree with rak, the graphics are not soo good at the moment. the slopes are too steep, the bidges are not round but angular. the planes take off through buildings.

though we shall wait and see
(though i still believe in 3dtt)

Posted: 07 Apr 2004 22:36
by DanMacK
FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!! We've seen ONE piece of rolling stock (A coach) and ONE locomotive. How can you say the trains look bad? Geez... Some people...

Posted: 07 Apr 2004 22:41
by Patchman
SHADOW-XIII wrote:anyway trains are still not nice (and I hope CS will change that)
I'm pretty sure it will look better when they are in motion...

Posted: 07 Apr 2004 22:42
by uzurpator
Me wonders - why airports still have only one runaway?

Where are real truck stations (i hope that the current TTD solution will be GREATLY enhanced)

We have bus bays (scr 3, orange player)

We still have short rail-vehicles (even shorter then in ttd) (although they defer in length - look at screenshot 3 - pink train cars are shorter then brown ones)

Still 2D...

Terrain is unrealistic (come on! single slope squares were ok 10 years ago, but I would expect some development here (hint 3DTT hint))

Prerendered sprites will make it very difficult to add new sprites/vehicles

Elevated railroads? Phulleeezzz. They are like 0.000000001% of world's railroad system. Show us some busy junctions with tons of signals!

Build on slope is a cool feature, but the LCM brings it to the limits of nonsense

Anhoo - I agree that the graphics is *unimpressive*. Not bad, but could have been better.

BTW I hope CS will implement wideeeee curves like in TG (and 3d vehicles please...)

DanMacK - there are two locomotives - brown player on scr3 uses different loco then red/pink player.

Posted: 07 Apr 2004 23:07
by DanMacK
Actually, take another look. It's the same loco (a Krok) =>Just half hidden by the station. I originally thought it was another loco as well.

Posted: 07 Apr 2004 23:47
by hovering teacup
oh no... crododille is articulating... CS seems always sneering at the reality...

Posted: 08 Apr 2004 06:59
by gryvix
uzurpator wrote:Elevated railroads? Phulleeezzz. They are like 0.000000001% of world's railroad system. Show us some busy junctions with tons of signals!
A little remark on that: Here in Belgium, where we got a dense railroadnetwork, when the railroad is entering the city it is elevated, this is to reduce in the early days of charcoalsmoke from the steamtrains on the houses, and it also reduces the noise at the direct neighbourhood. so most cities got it, especially the bigger cities, like Gent, Antwerp, Brugge,Sint-Niklaas,... there aren't houses under it, most it like heaped up under it, like a stretched hill and sometimes just a viaduct, with a road under it or parking space, never saw housing under it.
but I admit that the elevation is a bit confusing.

Posted: 08 Apr 2004 08:21
by squishycube
And even if it wasn't realistic, I'd like to see a Rollercoaster Transport network in action :))

Posted: 28 Apr 2004 17:39
by Kruz
I think LoMo will be great but it remains to be seen.

The feature I like the most though is that you can build bridges over houses! :D That's real neat, I wish we could to that in TTD too. It would make it A LOT easier to build a nice and decent rail network in the Artcic climate (Atleast for me).

As for the graphics, I think that the fact that the picture has been compressed, the graphics are A LOT nicer in real life than on those screenshots, so I find it hard to make up an oppinion on that matter but I think it look promissing.

The most important matter (to me atleast) is gameplay.
I really don't like the way you build roads in RCT(2) and I hope that it woun't be the same in LoMo.

One thing puzzels me though. In one of the screenshots (Can't remeber which one) you can see a bus (Or a tram, not sure which) turning and it looks to me like there are only 4 angles on the bus, because of the angle.
So either there are only four angles like in TTD or CS took the screenshot at the excact moment when the bus (Or tram) was at that angle (Does this make any sense ?).

Posted: 29 Apr 2004 02:53
by JamesM
Yep I know what you mean, and I think it just when the screenshot was taken. Take a look at the trains and you get the feeling the turn like the trains in RCT/RCT2.

Posted: 03 May 2004 15:30
by Lega-C
i think it is nice cause i like the way u build rollercoasters in RCT2 and as u are going to do it the same way so -NICE- :D