Loco Source Code?

The "spiritual sequel" to Transport Tycoon Deluxe: Chris Sawyer's Locomotion is the latest game from him - general discussion about it here please!

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Re: Loco Source Code?

Post by Alberth »

The best thing you can do is not wait for me (or anybody, for that matter) and just start with whatever project you like to do.

I know how to program. How did I do that? Well, I just started by reading books, playing with code and problems, figuring out how things work. Trying, failing, trying again, giving up, coming up with a new approach, trying, etc etc.
I have been doing that for many years now, and I am still learning, trying, and finding out how to do things.
What's more important, I am having a great time doing it.

I also am aware that I suck at some things, for example making graphics. Why? I never tried it seriously.
I know I will get better at it when I do it more often, so instead of saying 'I cannot do graphics', I say 'yes I suck at graphics, but I need them for my program', and I make them anyway. Of course they look bad, but the next ones will be better. I'll figure out how to make them look good in time.

Imho the really important thing is not to look at what you cannot do but to look at what you can do, and go from there. All other things can be learned, it is just a matter of investing time in it.

The second important thing is to see learning as the goal. The project you're doing is just an excuse to learn things and have fun. In other words, 'the project' is just a fortunate by-product. (Seeing learning as the goal also makes that whatever you do, you cannot fail, since you learn from anything you do.)

The final important thing is to realize that nobody is going to work for you for free. Just like you don't want to realize ideas of other persons, why would anyone want to realize yours? Assume you will need to do everything yourself to realize your project. Waiting is pointless, thus either give up your dreams of realizing, or just start.

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Re: Loco Source Code?

Post by buckethead »

If life were like Openttd, I would do this:
Immagine.PNG (12.01 KiB) Viewed 1618 times

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Re: Loco Source Code?

Post by maquinista »

buckethead wrote:If life were like Openttd, I would do this:
The attachment Immagine.PNG is no longer available
That's a interesting idea. But It would be too expensive. I don't know if Atari would accept something like Blender:

This screenshot is a small experiment that I have done the last month, the problem is that It was getting too complex too fast: :mrgreen:
screenshot_landscape_renderer.png (38.12 KiB) Viewed 1522 times
Sorry if my english is too poor, I want learn it, but it isn't too easy.[/list][/size]

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