Important notice about old topics

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Important notice about old topics

Post by andel »

OK, it has become clear that I need to make the following noted about old topics for the newbies... so, here goes in a Scrubs-esq Dr Cox style:

Listen up, newbie - everyone hates to see a dead topic resurected for a post of lol, rofl, roflcopter, I like it (or my personal favorite: could you just make...) so here's the thing: unless you'll make the dig worthwhile and by worthwhile I mean an offer of maybe carrying on the project or that you know how such mod could be turned into a unique code for world peace, for the love of god, please leave the topic be. It's dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead. It's gone, finito, finished, ended, tralalalala over.

So, lets get creative and push the boat out... ask questions, learn to mod - make suggestions and if anyone of you newbies knows how I feel about sexy new lomo stories, you'll make some.

Anyone who digs up a topic over 4 months old will be called by girls names for the next 6 months and that includes any non-newbies who do this to spite me...

Dr Andel "Perry" Cox
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this post are not necessarily those of Andel, who will do and say almost anything to get the attention he craves.
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Re: Important notice about old topics

Post by Badger »

I drag everyone's attention to this again seeing as I'm spending half my time dealing was pointless topic bumps.

Suddenly it seems to be the "in-thing" to bump a topic with something that's already been mentioned/solved etc, so, before posting, actually read the whole topic 1st and not just the most recent few posts.

Warnings will come thick and fast if you can't be bothered to stick to the rules, 3 warnings and it's a temp ban.
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