Looking for a newgrf

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Looking for a newgrf

Post by code99 »


I havent played openttd in a couple of years and last time i used to play with ECS vectors (new industries and such) and since im about to start a new game now i was wondering if ECS was still working with current version of the game?

Or, if there are other alternatives to ECS that are maybe better?

In other words, what do you guys recommend?

Im looking for a more complex industry chain essentially.
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Re: Looking for a newgrf

Post by Brumi »

I believe the ECS vectors still work fine, I don't see a reason why they wouldn't. The game starts just fine when I start one with the ECS vectors.

Speaking of other industry sets, FIRS is probably the most popular choice. If you like going extreme, you can try the Extreme Industry Set (aka XIS, which is a fork of the extreme economy of FIRS) or AuzInd. SPI is also similar to FIRS. Or you can try YETI, which is purposefully built on cargo feedback loops. I don't know if it still has the problem of all unserved industries closing down after a certain time, though.

I suggest you download a couple of these, start new games to have a look around, and choose one you like.
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