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Autopilot is dead - Long live autopilot?! - No?

Posted: 27 Sep 2020 08:46
by samsunix
Background: I am not a coder and best word to describe me is 'IT-Guy with wide spectrum of knowledge without specialization' (which I trying to change).

The Story: Like many others I have lost my job during 'pandemic' and I found my self nothing but a time on hand.
I decided to try use it wisely and start learning something and I have done some minor SQL scripts in past and decided now to learn more.

I need data for SQL and I tough my self what would be funnier way to gather it, than from the game. Here's where OTTD steps in.

What I know: To gather data there need to be 3rd party deamon gathering data for me as Ottd is not build to do it as design.
There used to be program called autopilot and two versions of it: AP+ and Avignon. When AP+ is more IRC client orientated, Avignon DID exactly what I was looking for: Gather data for SQL database.

Conclusion: But yet it looks like Avignon and whole autopilot project is dead now?
Autopilot's successor 'Soap' is only IRC bridge and useless for me.

Q: Was this dead end for me? There is nothing similar project 2020?

picture for attention:

Re: Autopilot is dead - Long live autopilot?! - No?

Posted: 27 Sep 2020 18:45
by Eddi
autopilot has been dead for years. there was instead introduced an interface called "admin port", and there are libraries like "joan" and "libottdadmin", which may or may not have had poor support in the last few years as well.