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[Base Music] Rise of the Triad OST (90s Version)

Posted: 25 Jul 2020 22:18
by JacobD88
Hi all, it's been many years since I was here regularly
But i return with a music pack for you all :D

Please find below a [Base Music] set containing all tracks of noticeable length from Rise of the Triad: The Dark War organised, roughly, by music type

I saw the Doom pack on BaNaNaS and just had to get this together too!

3DRealms released these under GNU License in 1997 (Along with Doom and several other games)
This set retains that license
See License.txt for details

Unzip to <<OpenTTD>>\content_download\baseset\ to install
Then run the game
Then select Rise of the Triad OST (No Short Tracks) in Options


Main Menu Music is "Chant" with it's great bassline; mainly because it worked better than anything else for the main menu IMHO
It still appears in the main game list also
(111.64 KiB) Downloaded 130 times
EDIT: Now on BaNaNas - But for some reason it doesn't always download when you click download (BaNaNaS Issue?). Any problems, just use the ZIP above.
EDIT 2: BaNaNaS issue is now resolved thanks to the efforts of several devs -You can now download in the client.