Best Spot to learn grf editing ?

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Best Spot to learn grf editing ?

Post by Splat »

Hello everyone I like this OpenTTD very much and have had considerable fun playing others grf's.
Theres been this one idea I have had to try and make a scenario using a specific grfs that well its not working very well so far.
So I thought since I have modded other games Id have a crack at making edited versions of the grfs to get the scenario to work properly.
I am aware if the forum / wiki guides and yet am hopeful someone may have something a little more youtube video instructional type deal.
I learned how to play and load the games through hellish's channel but it honestly only shows how to use .grf not how to make them.
Any links to video instructions would be appreciated, alternately pages with photos would also be good.

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Re: Best Spot to learn grf editing ?

Post by kamnet »

You've landed at NewGRF development central (for the most part).

You can start here by learning the basics. Links to tutorials are available, and you can ask questions.

Once you decide to start a project, you can post about its development here, as well as seek input from users testing it out.

And if you'd like to maintain a regular topic dedicated to releases, you can also do so here.

You may also find some help on the OpenTTD IRC channel, where developers regularly hang out. For a more immediate form of communication you can join us in the #openttd channel on OFTC with your favourite IRC client. You can use the channel for questions, problems, development or general discussion.

Another resource that has slowly been growing has been the Discord channel for the Reddit group /r/OpenTTD. While the Reddit group itself is mostly towards general OpenTTD questions and specifics about their game servers, the Discord has a dedicated Developer channel where some of the newer NewGRF developers regularly hang out and collaborate. ... 4163048459

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