Brazil Southeast Scenario

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Brazil Southeast Scenario

Post by speeder »

This scenario is still work in progress, I won't release any files for now.

But long story short: I decided to make a scenario, that start in 1700 (but the way I am doing it, make easy to generate later years versions too), that depicts the state of São Paulo in Brazil, and some surrounding areas (some major cities present: Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba).

I started making this map way back in 2014, it took me in total 2 months of work to make the heightmap. 2 weeks to make the waterways work (more or less, there are some glitches here and there but... they work). And now I am making a custom version of FIRS to reflect brazillian economy, and a custom version of the "Renewed Village Growth" script, that will show some historical events as news, and will also spawn the industries correctly (the map you are supposed to play with industry spawning to "funding" only).

I created this thread to ask for suggestions in general.

But currently what I most need help with: I need to know what business are important, that have to show up on the map mandatorily... my GS can spawn business at specific dates and locations, and paste a sign with their name, but now I need to decide what business are these (example: Brazil's first steel mill, "Siderúrgica Nacional", will always spawn at its correct location, using GPS coordinates, and always on the correct date it was built).

After I am all done I plan in releasing not only the scenario file, but also a lot of code and tools... like python scripts, libre-office files that can generate files the scripts read, a patch to import water into OpenTTD scenario editor, the modified FIRS source, etc...

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Re: Brazil Southeast Scenario

Post by thiagofjv »

Is there a way to creste coffee plantations over new grfs?

This was the dominant industry on São Paulo and Minas Gerais state in 1700...

Do you have plans to make new grfs of trains and buses?

Good luck with that and any news please post here!

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