City Builder Modded Server + NewGrf Setup

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City Builder Modded Server + NewGrf Setup

Post by Hexane »

I played on a server a few years ago that had a really nice city builder setup as well as the ECS newgrf industries or equivalent.

This city builder required you to deliver certain amounts of every good in order to keep building the city, and started around 1800 or so.

How would i go about setting up a server like this?

I need a good newgrf pack with a complete industry expansion set, early trains, extra ships, the works.

Thanks :bow:

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Re: City Builder Modded Server + NewGrf Setup

Post by _dp_ »

Novapolis used to run ECS city-builder server. Wasn't very popular so we didn't transfer it to CityMania with other stuff. It started in 1980 though so not sure if that's the one you played on. In any case here is newgrf config of that server:

Code: Select all

ECS/ECSTown.grf = 0 0 0 14
ECS/ECSBas2.grf = 14
ECS/ECSMach.grf = 14
ECS/ECSAgri.grf = 14
ECS/ECSChem2.grf = 14
ECS/ECSConstw.grf = 14
ECS/ECSWood.grf = 14
ECS/ECSHouse.grf = 5
LLbasecosts.grf = 2
pcb_server-2014.01.17/pcbserver.grf = 339
luukland_trainset-2013.06.25/lltrainset.grf = 999 0
EFrefit.grf = 
ecsadd.grf = 

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