Good heightmaps / scenarios

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Good heightmaps / scenarios

Post by Wuzzy »

Both TTD and OpenTTD support heightmaps and scenarios, which is a nice change compared to the random maps. But I feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of scenarios and heightmaps in the add-ons menu. I'm scared that once I installed a file through the extensions manager, I can never uninstall it. And there's no preview. :D

Can you recommend me a few good heightmaps and scenarios for vanilla OpenTTD (=no NewGRFs)? Which are actually fun to play on? On which maps did you actually play a full 100-year run?
(In the original TTD, I played in a scenario that had a devil face. I don't remember its name, but it was fun and also my first true 100-year playthrough. :) Obviously, can't include that in OpenTTD, because copyright.)

Also, why does OpenTTD not come with any heightmaps and scenarios pre-installed?
I know the TTD came with plenty of these pre-installed, and they were quite fun. So why not OpenTTD? Was this a concious decision with a rationale behind this or is it just because nobody bothered yet to compile a set of high-quality maps to include?

Would you support the idea to add a couple of high-quality, playtested maps to OpenTTD?

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Re: Good heightmaps / scenarios

Post by kamnet »

I'm not supportive of having them packed with the install because I would like to see the installation as bare bones as possible. Considering the amount of content that can be downloaded immediately, I think that is the better way to approach it. The game doesn't even automatically ship with base graphics, sounds and music - it asks if you want to install them.

As for scenarios, the near-universal all-around best scenario ever has been Cindini 3. It plays great with the base vehicles, it's also been modified by many others to include NewGRFs, and even a few which have swapped out the industries.

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