Define a new string

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Define a new string

Post by georgeyates » 13 Aug 2019 02:53

. how can I create english.lng??

The program says:

2034: WARNING: String name 'STR_5808_ERROR' is invalid (or already used)
2035: WARNING: String STR_5808_ERROR has no definition. Using NULL value

Very good project!

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Re: Define a new string

Post by jfs » 13 Aug 2019 16:19

If you modify the base language file (english.txt) and generate a new english.lng, you also need to recompile the entire game (openttd.exe), since the string index numbers in the language files are compiled in.
The build system included with the source code automatically rebuilds all the appropriate files when you modify english.txt and recompile the game.

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