Reserved Cargo waiting at station. Question about distribution

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Reserved Cargo waiting at station. Question about distribution

Post by mengo » 11 Aug 2019 09:53

I tried searching the forum a d even reddit but since I'm playing the latest version of JGR (0.31) there really isn't much documentation about the difference between distribution of cargo: symmetric, asymmetric, near and equal anywhere.

In the savegame I provided I play in subtropical with only one food processing plant station located at the end of a chain of interconnected towns. Distribution is set to asymmetric for cargo.

A train that brings fruit in refrigerator wagons from the other end of the chain unloads them at the foodfactory at Belene town (B), refits to food wagons and travels back to the fruit farm (F) through the chained towns (A and P) unloading food.
Since that train has to wait for a full load at it's origin farm, food gets produced and stored at Belene(B) rather quickly. I've made a dedicated food train that also serves the chain of interconnected towns (PL, A, P, Q), which takes a one station detour to feed a single extra town (PL) off-track of the main chain of towns.

The problem is: although both trains should bring food to the towns, the orders get reserved only for the slow fruit train. The fast dedicated train works at minimum capacity, bringing food to the off chain town (PL) only.
Moreover the food never reaches town Qmbol (Q) directly but gets reserved to be taken to Provadia (P) by the slow train and then transferred by trucks, although the dedicated food train has the order and the capacity to do so.

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I hope this is the right place to post. As you would see from the savegame file I'm still a huge noob in this game.
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Re: Reserved Cargo waiting at station. Question about distribution

Post by Alberth » 12 Aug 2019 07:07

JGR is discussed at the JGR patchpack topic in the development forum.

There was a recent question about near and equal that you may want to read and/or follow up: viewtopic.php?p=1224017#p1223842
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