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Starting a Server

Posted: 06 Aug 2019 14:52
by Dan_The_Man
Hi all,

I am not new to playing TTD online, but I have never hosted a server before.

I want to start hosting a server, and I have created a decent map.

I wondered how I go about adding different graphics packs to the server for different trains, stations, etc.


Re: Starting a Server

Posted: 06 Aug 2019 16:20
by Redirect Left
If you are playing from Windows (or a graphical version), setup the newgrfs you want to use as you would before launching a new game, then go to multiplayer tab from home screen, start a new server, and there is an option to load a game or play a scenario, one of those im fairly sure is what you are looking for. Be warned, if you are loading a map, you might need to go back ot that map in the scenario / map editor and edit it so it is using the newgrfs you want, rather than just adding them from NewGRF settings in home menu as you'd do before starting a new game.

If you are starting up a server in terminal, launch openttd with the -D parameter for dedicated server, add any settings and newGRFs to the cfg file first, the server will read from that i believe.