Error: Unable to read English.lng

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Error: Unable to read English.lng

Post by richardstephens » 05 Aug 2019 07:22

What did I forget ?
I extracted everything from the latest source zipfile
Copied all original grf files
When I run ttd.exe it gives me this error

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Re: Error: Unable to read English.lng

Post by planetmaker » 05 Aug 2019 09:13

Depends... what do you try to do?

If you downloaded and unziped the source file, you likely wanted to compile the game? Make use of one of the 'how to compile OpenTTD' pages as found in the wiki.

If you only want to play it, download a pre-compiled version, make use of the installer which comes with all things needed (or downloads those which are not present), including the language files.

If you are referring to really ttd.exe, not openttd.exe, then you are in the wrong forum section; in that case please ask that this thread be moved appropriately (don't post another)

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