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Editing Languages

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 14:51
by Quarter Mile
Hi All, sorry for bringing up something that I'm sure you regard as a reasonably simple fix, but I'm out of ideas, and Google is not bringing up anything of any help, and quick look through the Wiki got me nowhere too.

What I am trying to do is edit the English language file (english.lng) to insert different vehicle names using a hex editor (So I can have real vehicles for the trains and trucks, without using a myriad of GRFs) But I keep getting the "Can't read the language pack" error every time I use the editor to insert or delete a character. I have tried to "balance things out" (i.e. even out the amount of characters inserted and deleted) but to no avail. If I want to go the route that I am, will I have to:

A) Go about editing the language a different way,
B) Figure out using a GRF for the language, or
C) Some better way that I don't know.

Thanks for your time, and help.

Re: Editing Languages

Posted: 03 Aug 2019 23:16
by Eddi
yes, to all three of those questions.

Re: Editing Languages

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 05:37
by jfs
OpenTTD is open software. Using the wrong tools to "hack" the data files when the right tools are freely available is only making things more difficult for yourself than necessary.
That said, the tools to make langauges files are perhaps too well hidden since the website change earlier. The tool you need is called strgen.

But the way to go about this using language files would be to make a new "translation" that just replaces the vehicle names.

Re: Editing Languages

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 09:08
by Quarter Mile
Ah, ok, thank you both for your answers, I'll look into it. :)

Re: Editing Languages

Posted: 04 Aug 2019 15:48
by Eddi
since JFS already covered the A part of your question, here are the two other answers:

C: you can use the work other people put into it, like go to "download online content" and pick "original vehicle names" GRF