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AltSFX - a different sound effects package

Posted: 01 Aug 2019 21:11
by ALEXbr
I decided to make a different sound effects pack for OpenTTD, as the options are very few. I decided to restrict myself to CC-BY or CC0 licensed sounds so that a sound effects pack could eventually be officialy packaged on certain linux distributions (AltSFX is under CC-BY 4.0). I decided to give it a little different "feel" (that's why I actually started to make this).
Older versions here and in the post below
[+] Spoiler
Version 1 - beta
(17.79 MiB) Downloaded 70 times
Version 11
(15.84 MiB) Downloaded 63 times
The latest version is version 12, and can be downloaded here:

Re: AltSFX - a different sound effects package

Posted: 08 Aug 2019 20:31
by ALEXbr
A version with all the samples ready is here! Soon on BaNaNaS. Any feedback is ok. You can check the githib repository here:

Re: AltSFX - a different sound effects package

Posted: 09 Aug 2019 03:34
by kamnet
Sounds are different and nice. A little too noisy for me on the busy OpenTTD opening screenshot, but I don't think most people would be bothered.

Re: AltSFX - a different sound effects package

Posted: 09 Aug 2019 07:23
by ALEXbr
Thanks a lot for your feedback! I noticed that certain sounds are very loud. Might fix that, but it's not a priority.
I have issues uploading the thing to BaNaNaS through the web browser (the connection resets itself in the middle of the upload), and I couldn't get the musa thing to good use.

Re: AltSFX - a different sound effects package

Posted: 19 Aug 2019 10:52
by Wuzzy
Overall, the sound pack is quite nice and I like to play with it. It's not quite on par with the quality of OpenSFX, but it's still good enough for me to keep it for now.

Thanks a lot for your contributions! Especially for making sure it's 100% libre! I really hope the default sounds for OpenTTD could be one day truly libre. :)

However, there are a lot of “little” things in the sound pack that bother me, and the little things just add up. This sound pack still needs some work before I feel comfortable to recommend it for “official” use.

I will list all complaints here:

In some of the vehicle sounds, you hear the vehicle going from left to right speaker. I find this extremely irritating. It should not sound like the vehicle is moving with the speakers, it should be uniform. If you hear a vehicle sound, it could be anywhere on the screen, so it's really odd to have the vehicle move from the left to right speaker. The sound should should be uniform on both channels.

The road vehicle horns don't sound natural, the horn just comes out of “nothing”, long after the engine sound. It's also very loud and very high pitched, it hurts my ears!

The concorde / high speed plane sounds are waaaay too long. It's not well in sync with the actual plane take off on the screen. The plane has a very fast take off.
The plane sounds in general take too long, much longer tan the take-off speed. IMO the plane sounds should all be tested if they are in sync with the plane take-off on-screen (assuming default speed for all planes, of course). And they all should be shorter in general.

The ship horns are VERY loud and aggressive.

The train sounds are mostly OK IMO. :-) The maglev sound works nice, too.
The monorail sound is too long and too subtle. This one stands out; it doesn't go well together with the other train sounds.

The toffe mine sound sounds a bit “dark” and is not comical. It doesn't fit the overall Toyland theme.

I think the toy factory sounds are nice. I like how you added a rubber ducky sound, it fits nice with OpenGFX. Note in the original TTD graphics, IIRC the toy factory produces robots, not rubber duckies, but that's OK.

The suger mine is a bit too dull IMO.

The bubble generator sounds are perfect. Nothing else to say here.

The railroad crossing sound is too long. 7 beeps for a SINGLE crossing are too much. Maybe 3 beeps are enough (not sure). This really stacks up at busy crossings. Also, could use a fade-out effect, IMO, the end of the sound feels too “sharp”.

The new year sound (00.wav) is inappropriate IMO. This sound is only supposed to play when the year report pops up. Its an interface thing. If the player disabled the report, the sound does not play. So this sound should be an interface sound.

38.wav sounds like a drunken horse and it just sounds very, very silly. I would replace this one.

The sound for the (temperate) sawmill and the paper mill are wrong. You hear a chainsaw. But a chainsaw makes more sense in the forest. For temperate sawmill/papermill, a circular saw makes much more sense.

In altsfx.sfo, you use an odd licence name “CC3 ATTRIBUTION”. The correct name is “Creative Commons Attribution 3.0”, or short “CC BY 3.0”.

For some reason, the version number is not shown in the game settings menu. Compare this with OpenSFX, OpenMSX and OpenGFX, which all include a version number at the end. The readme should also mention a version number.

Re: AltSFX - a different sound effects package

Posted: 19 Aug 2019 11:53
by ALEXbr
Thanks for your opinions.
The loud ship sounds will definitely be fixed in the next version. I will attempt to fix the toffee quarry sound too.
The long plane landing sounds are under my attention too.
The road horn might be fixed, gonna see. Also, I couldn't really feel the "moving left to right vehicle sound" effect. Fade-outs were put, but they're like too short. Gonna see...
Might adjust the railway beep sooner or later... The new year sound might be changed, gonna see. The horse and sugar mine sounds, hmmm..., definitely not a priority for me to change... The circular saw might be put in the near future, but IIRC, I couldn't find a satisfying circular saw sound. Might revise the rail sounds in the future, gonna see...

I found problems in uploading AltSFX to BaNaNaS, probably uploading sound sets wasn't expected, but yeah...
I'm currently away from home, gonna start the work later today...