OpenTTD speedrun (1 hr 4 mins, 10th August 1954)

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OpenTTD speedrun (1 hr 4 mins, 10th August 1954)

Post by Ifaq »

  • Default settings, clean install*
  • No loans
  • No fast forward
  • Random seed
Link to savegame

Link to full video

Link to 8x timelapse video

* Meaning I renamed my original OpenTTD folder beforehand to get all default settings, no NewGRFs with the ability to easily restore everything afterwards

Some stats:
  • 14 trains on 1,626 pieces of rails and 184 station tiles
  • 12 buses on 14 station tiles
  • 8 planes on 4 airports

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Re: OpenTTD speedrun (1 hr 4 mins, 10th August 1954)

Post by odisseus »

That's a decent development rate, but nothing extraordinary. After you memorize a few basic station layouts and signaling rules, the most important factor that limits your expansion at default settings is how fast you can click.

For a long time, the typical map size on a multiplayer server used to be 256x256, and the largest available size was 1024x1024. The default settings are tailored so that a beginner can keep his company afloat even with short distances and few industries.

If you want to give yourself a challenge, try building a cargo company with the weight multiplier set to x5 or more.

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