TTO MIDI files in OpenTTD (was: “well,”)

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Re: TTO MIDI files in OpenTTD (was: “well,”)

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thatguy1 wrote:
vrn wrote:
thatguy1 wrote: What. How is it music pirating?
I mean, most people on Scratch in its project use music from the soundtrack of an game, and yet, nobody there, even the Scratch Team, considers it "music pirating". :|
Was that particular game (or its music) released to public domain?
I don't know what you meant, as I suck at English, but all I can say is:
TTO soundtrack was released on youtube, with the highest quality soundtrack coming from Choicest VGM, but there is also an HD remix, ikr
Just because somebody put it on YouTube doesn't mean that it's free for you to own. In nearly all countries, unless you purchased it, or the music is provided with a license that allows you to download it for free, it is considered music piracy.

With that said, I believe all discussion on this topic has come to its conclusion, and I'm locking it.


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