sdl 1.2 and sdl 2.0

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sdl 1.2 and sdl 2.0

Post by nunotex » 05 May 2019 10:32


I play openttd on FreeBSD builded with sdl 1.2.15.

Is there any advantages/improvements if builded with newer sdl 2 version, related to rendering, image quality?

For what I've read openttd uses sdl 1.2 by default.

If there is advantages building it with newer sdl 2, then I can start testing it so FreeBSD port can be updated.


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Re: sdl 1.2 and sdl 2.0

Post by jfs » 05 May 2019 15:29

OpenTTD can't be built against SDL 2 currently, however there is an open pull request that will replace SDL 1.2 support with SDL 2 support.

All graphics blitting and combining in OpenTTD is done entirely in software, outside the video output driver (e.g. SDL, Win32, Quartz) so the visual quality should be exactly the same regardless of video driver used. The performance should also be very near the same regardless of video driver, as long as the graphics services from the OS/hardware are fast enough.

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