Monthly Dev Post - May 2019

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OpenTTD Developer
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Monthly Dev Post - May 2019

Post by Michi_cc » 02 May 2019 22:25

Once again, we bring you a short, but sweet monthly dev post. It is just a tine bit delayed due to the International Workers' Day.

To read it, please visit: ... -post.html

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Re: Monthly Dev Post - May 2019

Post by Erato » 03 May 2019 13:20

Official NRT Support?! That's amazing!
I might return to grf development if that's the case.

I presume the road/tramtypes have same limitations as railtypes? (i.e. 64 max road+tram)
No pics no clicks. Seriously. Also stop using Modern Maglev Trains. Use RIMS instead.

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