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Re: Reproducible map generation

Posted: 27 Sep 2020 21:07
by Quast65

I am trying to import some signs using the import_towns command in the console.

I use this format:

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Afgedamde Maas,N,0,-1128,-1292
Alde Faenen,N,0,-678,-470
Ankeveense Plassen,N,0,-885,-1083
But there are some issues...

1.The signs that are placed on water show up as signs, but have N in brackets next to the name, like this:
Afgedamde Maas (N)
2.The signs that are placed on land show up as little villages and not as signs.

What am I doing wrong?

I realize now that I possibly dont have the patch that allows importing of signs (only the one that imports towns).
Is there a compiled version of OTTD that has the patch that has the feature for importing signs?

Never mind ;-)
It wasnt too much work to delete the ones that showed up as little villages and replace those by signs manually.
Also renaming the ones that had (N) behind the name wasnt too much work either ;-)
All is fine now in my scenarios.