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[Scenario] Singapore+Malaysia

Posted: 27 Jan 2014 23:30
by soho737
Hi everybody,
after years of playing OpenTTD I felt like giving something back to the community. So I uploaded my custom Singapore+Malaysia scenario into BaNaNaS.
It includes the state of Singapore, the southernmost part of Malaysia as well as the Indonesian Island of Bantam.
The city districts of Singapore are represented as seperate towns, which will grow considerably as the game progresses (starting date 1950).

The industries are placed mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia, as that is were Singapore is supplied from in reality as well.

Enjoy the scenarion. Feedback/Suggestions are highly welcome!

Re: [Scenario] Singapore+Malaysia

Posted: 13 Feb 2014 07:17
by thomasost
Error Message occur "Savegame is made with newer version" Please Help

Re: [Scenario] Singapore+Malaysia

Posted: 13 Feb 2014 19:20
by kamnet
It means exactly what it says. The save game was created using a newer version of OpenTTD than the one you are using. Unfortunately the author didn't indicate which version of OpenTTD this was created with.

Re: [Scenario] Singapore+Malaysia

Posted: 20 Feb 2014 22:48
by soho737
The minimum version is 1.4.0-beta3, unfortunately BaNaNaS does not allow to specify the 1.4.0-family yet. I will update the entry as soon as it becomes available!

Re: [Scenario] Singapore+Malaysia

Posted: 26 Dec 2014 07:46
by NatIsrael972
Shalom, I am doing a major edit on your scenario based on the Mighty Minds Street Directory Latest 2015 Edition and also based on my prior knowledge of the places in Singapore. The major rectifications are:

- Rename of places with the wrong names (i.e. Pulau Ubin, was Palu or Palau Ubin)
- Added new locations which are not in your current scenario
- Added signs for places like Jurong Island which do not have residential estates but only industrial estates
- Added regional towns with the label North, South, East or West, whichever applicable. Central will not be used as the main town will be considered as the central
- Added signs for restricted places like Pulau Tekong and SAFTI
- Added signs for the road crossings from and to Malaysia (i.e. Causeway Link & Tuas Second Link)
- Deleted existing (city) towns and replaced them with the status of an ordinary town. Take note that only towns within the CBD should be considered as cities (such as Farrer Park)
- Added existing expressways (i.e. PIE, CTE, TPE) and new expressways (such as KPE & MCE though KPE isn't that new anymore)

As a Singaporean, I'm not exactly sure of Malaysia and Indonesia so I'll leave their towns and cities untouched.
Not sure if you wish to modify your scenario to include the Tuas View Extension and Finger. Do note that Tuas will keep on develop until Idk when
Do take note that Bedok was incorrectly placed and will come under my plan to add something like Bedok (Bedok Central), Bedok North, Bedok South and Bedok Reservoir [I view Bedok as my second hometown so it shouldn't be a problem]

Shalom aleichem! (You can use Singlish if you want cuz I'm a Singaporean anyways lol :P )

Re: [Scenario] Singapore+Malaysia

Posted: 07 Jan 2015 21:31
by soho737
Awesome work, the improvement is highly appreciated!
Let me buy you a beer when I'm in Singapore (usually once every month) if u like!

Best wishes!