RV sets.

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RV sets.

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just a question, is there any RV set out there that is usefull?
I did try HEQS, and few others.
I did find the industrial trams nice, but sadly way too slow for my interest :D
I'v made a simple 128x128 map WITH!!!!! 2 towns, and all industry on temperate climate.
goal of my game was to have everything connected, and have my trains do 2-way freights.
I can not real describe it better in english.

lets say i got city A nd B.
both ahve coal mine, and power station too.

usualy one might connect coal mine A to power station A, and coal mine B to power station B.
or, just connect both mines to power tation A or B.

but then, trains would spend half of theyr life empty on the tracks.
What i did was:
load coal at coal mine A, WITH!!!!! RV.
take it to transfer station at power station A, tranfer + no loading.
same WITH!!!!! coal mine B and power station B.

connect the 2 tranfer stations WITH!!!!! a train, orders are just goto transfer station S, go to transfer station B.

Now, it works pretty well when distance between mine and power station is small.
and industrial trams have good capacity.
But, they are just too slow.

What newGRF would you recommend, that has RVs, WITH!!!!! decent peed and load capacity for all types of wares?
For fun I would like to make a map where train usage is limited to just connecting the transfer stations.
I sadly did not manage to make
http://grfcrawler.tt-forums.net/details ... ails&id=83 this set work,
i downloded it, extracted it, but does not show up in my newgrf list for some reason.
I do have it at:
C:\Documents and Settings\Rendszergazda\Dokumentumok\OpenTTD\content_download\data
this directory, and it is extracted.
4LVw.grf it says.
but can not find it ingame, lol.

Anyways just looking for a nice RV set. :D
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Re: RV sets.

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Try EGRVTS. It should have everything you need.
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