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Re: German translation

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In a Github issue the user Wuzzy2 mentioned an incorrect translation for the string "STR_NEWS_INDUSTRY_PRODUCTION_INCREASE_FARM".
Hi! This change was proposed by me.

The rationale is this: If you translate “Neue Getreideanbaumethoden bei {INDUSTRY} werden Erträge verdoppeln!” back to English, you get “Improved wheat farming methods at {INDUSTRY} are expected to double production!”.

Note that {INDUSTRY} can be farms, battery farms, cotton candy plantains, fruit plantains, rubber plantains … Many things that have nothing do with wheat use this string.

This would lead to hilarious sentences like “Neue Getreideanbaumethoden bei Berlin Batterieplantage werden Erträge verdoppeln!”, translated back: “Improved wheat farming methods at Berlin Battery Farm are expected to double production!”.

So, yeah, please someone fix this string, thank you. :) Sadly, I'm not allowed to.

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