Need some help ? Have a read of this first !!

OpenTTD is a fully open-sourced reimplementation of TTD, written in C++, boasting improved gameplay and many new features.

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Need some help ? Have a read of this first !!

Post by Tom0004 » 16 Sep 2007 21:33

Allot of information can be found on the OTTD Wiki Page.

Where to get a copy of OTTD, have a look at this thread, a short installation guide can be found in this thread also.

Whats the difference between trunk and a RC or stable version, answers can be found here.

There are frequently branches of OpenTTD such as CargoDestinations (CargoDIst), InfrastructureSharing2 or ExtraZoomLevels. These branches of OTTD are made from players, with added patches, to improve gameplay.

The OTTD FAQ covers a range of commonly asked questions, such as how do install OTTD, right though a range of subjects to development of OTTD.

Any questions you have, that are not answered on the Wiki, might have already been asked before on the forums, so we ask of you to please use the search function on the forum, before posting your question, however don't be scared to ask. Many people will try to help.

NewGRF and AI are most conveniently downloaded from the ingame content download. Using that functionality, no further installation of them is required and they can be configured for use in future games from the newgrf and AI lists respectively. In the case of NewGRFs not obtained via the ingame content download, a guide to installing NewGRFs can be found here.

Other Links

OTTD User Manual
grfcrawler (please note, most, though not all GRFs found on this site, will work with OTTD)

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Version 2

Install Guide
OTTD Manual
OTTD Wiki Page
OTTD Versions
NewGRFs compatible with OTTD

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