I have been roaming - Thank you!

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I have been roaming - Thank you!

Post by MarkShot » 11 Jul 2019 04:48

First, I have been roaming after spending quite a while with OTTD. Other city/transport games.

I have to say that it is only the graphics upon which OTTD doesn't really blow everything else away. But this is NOT only a weakness, but a strength. One can plan BIG and build BIG without listening to the fans of their OC'ed PC make it sound like they are sitting next to a vacuum cleaner. (and in the Summer heat ... it need not end up a battle between your PC and the AC)

But in terms of maturity, sophistication, and features. OTTD is simply amazing.

I wanted again to thank all the contributors for something non-commercial, and yet polished beyond many for market products.


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