New player - recommended mods?

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New player - recommended mods?

Post by Zip » 12 Jun 2019 13:13

Hi guys,

I used to play TTD when I was much younger and I'm thinking about picking this back up again, in terms of issues, is there any trouble getting it to work with a Mac?

Assuming no issues, what are the recommended mods these days? Is there any fun and games involved in getting mods to work?

My plan is to try and do some kind of spoke/hub feeder system game, so have busses/trains collect passengers from smaller towns and deliver them to an airport, fly them to some kind of monstrosity of a central hub and then back through a similar chain at the other end.

I know that I'll need to have cargo distribution on to make this work, but is there anything else I'll need? I remember from previous games that airports were kind of small, is there a way to have huge airports that can handle enormous amounts of traffic?

How about graphics upgrades, are there any particularly pretty tilesets about?

Many thanks!

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Re: New player - recommended mods?

Post by acs121 » 12 Jun 2019 18:48

Mods are also known as "NewGRFs" in the OpenTTD language.

If you rahter like generic sets that are not real-world vehicles, rather gameplay-oriented, you should choose Iron Horse, Road Hog and Squid Ate FISH.
For aircraft, there's only three sets that are extensive and good enough, although they are based on the real world. There's Planeset, World Airliners Set and Aviators Aircraft.
If you prefer train sets based on the real world, there's 2cc TrainsInNML which has engines from most countries in the world, but only a little selection of those countries. Other than that, you also have sets by country. There are a few ones for the US and there's sets for Australia too, as for European countries, there are sets for the UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Lithuania, Belgium, The Netherlands and Czech Republic. There's also a French suburban train set, and another for narrow-gauge although it is not complete, you can use it.
For road vehicles, you have sets for the UK, Hungary and Russia. There's not many sets that will include both buses and trucks. As for trams, you have sets for the UK again, Hungary again, Russia again, and Czech Republic.
For industries I reccomend FIRS.

There's a whole list of NewGRFs here, including those that I mentioned :

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