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A 3D Transport Tycoon-like game, an incomplete version of which was released as "Trains & Trucks Tycoon".
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the latest update on the webpage is from 14th jan. u only get updates on his website either when a new beta is realeased or when something happens with his court case
i dont know much about his family life, apart from he has two little children living with him, but thats none of our business.
well, at one point it stopped being a hobby (when he joined virtual x-citement), and then its become a hobby again.

for the newest news check the german forum he is not working on it as much as he would like to as he is still ill (poor guy)

ohhh, the website needs translating into english, i offered to do it, and did the old index page, but never done anymore (well, i have - but no completed anymore). u can translate it if u want to help Peter (or anyone else can), or we can (try and) do it together to speed things up, depending on how good ur english is
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