Progress: We're back

A TTD clone that was under development. Development has now been stopped.
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Progress: We're back

Post by TBOT »

As the title says, we're back. After too many nonproductive weeks the last couple of days TTU has finally gained some progress again. The coming of OpenTTD has made us realize that if we didn't do anything now, we wouldn't do anything ever.

So, there's progress.
The configuration engine has entered it's final stages, it's now at a point where new configfiles can be added with ease, and capable of handling configfiles of complex formats.

As a little test I've made a configuration file for selecting graphical options (for example, screen resolution). Errors in the configfile are reported with extensive information, so it's easy to track the mistake.

Balloz is having troubles with resizability in the GUI, so we'll probably postpone that feature for now. The basic functionality of the GUI is also near being finished, so we can pass onto the configurability of the GUI soon, testing both the capabilities of the GUI and the configuration engine.

When we don't encounter too many problems, and have the time, we'll be working on the actual game engine very soon, so we can finally bring the project back to the pre-C++ state.
Looking a bit further in the future, when the game engine reached a stable and extendible state we'll be recruiting new developers for the TTU team. By doing so we might create a situation with more stable progress so we can keep up with OpenTTD.

That's it for now. For me the coming week won't be spent on TTU as I have various tentams. I hope it gives Balloz some time to sort out the GUI so we can work on it together.
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Post by Hyronymus »

This is good news indeed! I'm glad OpenTTD gave you new inspiration.
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Post by GoneWacko »

Good Good Good.

Be sure to post some screenies of your progress once you've got an engine again :wink: :o
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good news !

Post by »

Glad to hear from you guys again !!! :D

I almost gave up hope...
Keep up the good work
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Post by mikeya »

And welcome to the forums !

Nice to see you are still doing stuff :P

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