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Progress: The return of the bouncing church

Posted: 06 Dec 2003 00:56
Somebody who looked at the screenshots on our site very carefully must have discovered the bouncing radar post. At the base of it laid the bouncing church (imagine a 64x64 map full of independantly bouncing churches :roll:). At that moment it laid a base for the object engine.

Looking at today, the bouncing church returned. The bouncing church is not on a map of tiles though (I need a viewport object in the gui first...). But at this moment it is laying the foundations for the graphics structure, which basically means configurability: one unified way of displaying sprites (no matter if they're animate, layered or anything else).
In turn that lays a base for the templates of any object, which will all be in a configuration file.

At the moment there's a quite strong syntax checker which will cope with the configuration files, leaving only the parsers to be implemented for each individual type of object.

The bouncing church was made a legend among Balloz and me for laying the object engine basics. And now the legend continues with laying a base for the configurability of TTS.
I hope you now understand the value of a bouncing church (though for the C++ version it shouldn't have bounced, but for the legend it's nicer :)))

From now on I will strive to making such a progress report story every week, under the conditions that there is something to write about, and that I have the time.