[OTTD] 32bbp Dutch Overhaul [W.I.P]

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[OTTD] 32bbp Dutch Overhaul [W.I.P]

Post by Hein »


Hey all! Recently I've started work on making Dutch buildings and houses for OpenTTD. My original idea was to create just a couple of houses which would be compatible with zBase. But my ideas grew bigger :P

So now my plan is to eventually create an entire graphics replacement pack. I wanted to create 3D models instead of sprites from the start because to my knowledge, nobody has attempted it before. I must admit, currently I am a better modeller than a 'NewGRF creator' but I've been learning a lot about how it's put together and it doesn't seem too hard.

I started on the 9th of November 2020, and on the same day I have already made two buildings (still debating if I want to texture them, or leave them as is). I obviously don't have unlimited time to dedicate to this project, but it's thankfully a lot of fun.

Building List (underline indicates that I've finished it somewhat)
[+] Spoiler
  • Zeeuws Huis
  • Rijtjeshuis 1
  • Castalia Inspired Building
  • Texel Lighthouse
Some more screenshots (not final)
[+] Spoiler
There's definitely more to come. :wink:
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Re: [OTTD] 32bbp Dutch Overhaul [W.I.P]

Post by lostpawn »

Nice, very nice. Thanks for your effort. Hope you will be able to release a newgrf soon.
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