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Testobject 2 63 cargo + electricity

Posted: 03 Jul 2020 18:41
by Vanderbildt
Here is a other version 63 cargos and electricity in one economy
May someone has the mood to translate the foundry to mnl 5 16 in out

The idee is factorys has to be near tonws because the need worker and electricity.
So we need busses streetcars etc.
Electricity puh i dont like that electricty is a vehicle but i have no clue for a other solution like connection powerplant to substation to factory yes/no.
And please dont ask me for long distance transmisson.
may someone like to work on Electricity, Power Lines, and Industries: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=63356
Or translate BSPI.grf - Stockpiling Industries to nml viewtopic.php?f=67&t=84735

economy 1 normal Spi with 63 carcos
economy 5 factorys are near towns
economy 6 some factorys need electricity

OOps in 213 there was no coalmine

Re: Testobject 2 63 cargo + electricity

Posted: 04 Jul 2020 03:47
by kamnet
While I'm a big supporter of the idea of "electricity", until you move to NML 0.5, perhaps maybe make the other thing all factories need as "water"?

Re: Testobject 2 63 cargo + electricity

Posted: 04 Jul 2020 11:06
by Vanderbildt
It will need some time than nml 0.5 oops have you seen the production.
nml 0.4 a clever solution:
switch (FEAT_INDUSTRIES, SELF, foundry_produce1, [
STORE_PERM (waiting_cargo_1,1),
STORE_PERM (waiting_cargo_2,2),
STORE_PERM (waiting_cargo_3,3),
STORE_PERM (min(999,waiting_cargo_1 / LOAD_PERM(4)), 10),
STORE_PERM (min(999,waiting_cargo_2 / LOAD_PERM(5)), 11),
STORE_PERM (min(999,waiting_cargo_3 / LOAD_PERM(6)), 12),
STORE_PERM (min( min(LOAD_PERM(10), LOAD_PERM(11)),LOAD_PERM(12)),13),
STORE_PERM (((LOAD_PERM(13)+1) / 200 + (LOAD_PERM(13) >= 200)),9)
]) {

and nml 0.5 :

switch(FEAT_INDUSTRIES, SELF, warehouse_prod_cb2, [
/* Store smallest amount of TOYS or PAPR in permanent slot 4 - amount of TOYS that will be consumed */
STORE_PERM(min(incoming_cargo_waiting("TOYS"), incoming_cargo_waiting("PAPR")), 4),
/* Store smallest amount of SWTR or PAPR in permanent slot 5 - amount of SWTR that will be consumed */
STORE_PERM(min(incoming_cargo_waiting("SWTR"), incoming_cargo_waiting("PAPR")), 5),
/* There will never be more to produce after this step, both TOYS and SWTR will be zero after the produce has executed */
]) {

WHY in the hell is (incoming_cargo_waiting("TOYS") not (incoming_cargo_waiting("1")

may iam wrong but it that is suboptimal.

Re: Testobject 2 63 cargo + electricity

Posted: 05 Jul 2020 09:44
by Vanderbildt
we have to wait until NML 0.5.3 is ready