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Some random trains in Japan

Posted: 26 Aug 2019 15:30
by Azusa257
Random Trains in Japan Set: Work in Progress

I've been working on some miscellaneous trains that serves no other purpose than to add more variety of trains in game.

The entire theme of this set is to provide non-revenue trains that works/worked on the Japanese Rail network.
Therefore, these trains will not hold any cargo for the time being, although some may have a purpose being a loco of some sort.

So far I've drawn and coded 2 trains, the two variations of the 145 series trains as seen here:
145 Series in the wild.png
(95.35 KiB) Not downloaded yet
These trains are designed to complement the Japanset and its additions, NATS, and other Japanese themed train sets.

Other trains I've planned on adding into the set in the future include:
  • "Doctor Yellow" measurement trains, e.g. 923 Series (yellow 700 series train),
  • "East i" measurement trains, e.g. E491 series,
  • Multi-gauge compatible "Free Gauge Trains",
and other random trains such as track maintenance and measurement trains.
To stop the list of trains getting too large, I will keep the set limited to JNR and JR trains.

With special thanks to Erato, where I have used the NATS code for reference,
and Tintinfan and Gwyd for inspiring me to make a train set.


P.S.: I haven't really figured out how nml works fully so my code is a bit of a mess, and I haven't got a clue how parameters and basecosts work. I'll share the code/graphics if requested. Licensed under GPL v2 and newer.