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Re: Ufiby's Road, Tram, Trolleybus and Rail track (renewed)

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peter1138 wrote:bad feature
Thats my middle name :mrgreen:

Dont forget, bad features are some of the things that inspire us to improve the game ;-)
And sometimes you need to have bad features first to get to a better solution.
A better feature would be the ability to specifically choose a tunnel head style.
That would indeed be awesome!
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Re: Ufiby's Road, Tram, Trolleybus and Rail track (renewed)

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michael blunck wrote:
13 Mar 2019 17:05
Erato wrote: Quite the contrary, this seems like an amazingly useful feature to make it easier to scroll through all the tracktypes you have installed. I'd love to have this, it seems extremely useful, especially now that OpenTTD allows for up to 64 railtypes. So I was wondering what this is from.
LOL. For what purpose would you "need" 64 railtypes? And seriously, information derived from a 16 x 16 icon would be quite limited. Especially in contrast to such large number.

Excuse me. How dare you underestimate what a 16x16 icon could do?
A 16x16 Icon can tell us about the whole universe
Just that you are blind and can't see that.

Without it, when the user wants to build a maglev track, instead they get a old 1800s railway track which doesn't support trains running at 2 kmh
This feature is really useful for us users.
And OpenTTD has provided it to us, the oppurtunity to communicate with the users.

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