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Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 25 Feb 2019 10:40
by Auge
Knight8510 wrote:I applied the "bridge GRF" file, but there is a graphics error. I hope it is fixed.

I want to know if I need to download additional files.
Yes, download an actualised version if and when it's available. You play with a beta version of the bridge set. As far as I know, the bridge set is yet in beta status.

Tschö, Auge

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 07 Mar 2019 18:13
by stefino_cz
We have finished Steam engines :) It will be available approximately in next 10 days. All engines have refit for more color versions.
(1.34 MiB) Not downloaded yet

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 08 Mar 2019 01:46
by perverted monkey
:shock: :bow:

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 08 Mar 2019 11:32
by nirasa

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 08 Mar 2019 13:25
by Zley_Muffle
Hello guys!

Assuming from the overall interest in our sets there are many of you wanting to know what is happening and such, so here is little peek into the development:

Upcoming releases (around mid-March, currently in pre-alpha testing):

- over 30 steam locos ranging from small shunters with tens of kWs of power to massive 1500+kW beasts designed for heavy express or freight trains.
- new purchase menu with improved class system to distinguish between steam/diesel/electric locos and extended information about the vehicle
- updated purchase/running costs to be more "user friendly" :]

WARNING: Although some steam engines are available as early as 1878, there is no rolling stock for them to haul (yet), so do not whine about it, it may come in the future, but so far the game should be playable from 1918-1920 (Creation of Czechoslovakia) depending on random values added to the introduction dates of trains and wagons.

Rails 2.0 (CZTR_RAILS)
- updated version of rails with enhanced graphics for x2 zoom (to eliminate alternating pattern on top-bottom tracks)
- new level crossing with mechanical signalling devices
- better stratification of signals and tracks during the game
- added parameter for player to choose between "Arcade" and "Historically accurate", generally influencing introduction date and vMax of available rails
- NEW icons for all that stuff ;)

Bridges (otherwise known as CZTR_Infrastructure)
- minor graphical changes and fixes for railway bridges (still BETA though)

WARNING: Those bridges are mere replacement for original graphics and are conflicting with road bridges and another GRF sets, do not report it as a bug, rather use them if you are "railway oriented" company.

- features new icons and general GUI enhancement to fit CZTR graphics

In development (do not expect release soon)

- we have currently about 60% of basic work done (some 23 IDs covered)
- most of the houses are in 4 basic rotations to allow aligning with the roads and almost all of them have more than 3 colour variants, making the town seem really alive
- each housetype is basically unique (different cargos accepted or produced), allowing for player to accommodate his play style as he sees fit
- almost all houses are modeled after existing AND prevalent structures (some are even from blueprints) to enable the "real feel of our country"

Industries (CZTR_INDUSTRY)
- so far we have prepared our industry set by declaring cargoes and industries, currently we are trying to resolve industry closures, bonus production and such stuff (major hassle though)
- 53 cargoes 8)
- over 70 different industries to allow really complicated chaining :twisted:
- all based on Czech/Czechoslovakian environment (as much as possible)


Rail and Road sets
- after steam locos next to be expected are probably releases of rest of the engines (diesel and electric) and rolling stock update, though it is s***load of work :(
- road set will introduce few "early start" vehicles like Škoda Sentinel and some Praga trucks to enable haulage of materials via road from 1920's (currently road set works for cargo fully from 1970's)
- prices and running cost of road vehicles will be altered and balanced to be "in harmony" with other means of transportation.

Back row (currently not developed, do not ask about that)

Planes and Ships
Czech republic (and even when we were Czechoslovakia) is quite small and landlocked country compared to others, so while industrially developed at the beginning of the 20th century, those modes of transportation were not heavily implemented in our country (railways HEAVILY ruled), so we do not prioritize them over the others (its the opposite to be correct). Even when time comes, do not expect more than few river barges and small-to-medium ships. Airplane industry has some history (Czech Airlines started public service in 1923), but still played lesser role, so there probably won't be anything new in upcoming months.

Well, thats for summaries for those who wish to play with our sets, we hope you are having fun 8)

For those willing to help with the creation:

NFO/M4NFO coder wanted!

We are looking for someone with experience in coding Bridges/Station tiles. Our coder is currently preoccupied (2 small kids) and this will likely not change in the future. It is quite sad to have nice graphics prepared for months while not being able to get it into the game, so we have decided to try and recruit someone willing to participate and help us. If you are interested (and we will be grateful!), send me or stefino_cz a PM, we will work out details after that ;)

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 10 Mar 2019 16:23
by nirasa
En: good work! thx

česky: dobrá práce! díky

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 16 Mar 2019 21:16
by stefino_cz
New update of our GRFs is here.

Our Engine GRF was split to Steam, Electric and Diesel parts. Steam engines are finished, Electric are in progress but you can download it as well. Diesel engines will be add in the future. Old diesel engines are still available in updated CZTR Trains Engines GRF.

Wagons were split too into two parts - Passengers and Cargo wagons. Old CZTR Wagons will be switch off.

CZTR EMUs got new ID, older one will be switch off too.

Big changes were in our CZTR Rails GRF. New graphics of rails, rail crossins, new depot graphic etc. You can choose between arcade or realistic mode. You can switch it in graphics options. Old depot is make like 2x1 size. First part is built like basic depot, second part you have to build manualy. You find it in objects like our buffer stops.

Last update for this time was in CZTR Rail Addons. Buffer stops had wrong introduction date - all of them had 1961. It was changed to 1890,1951 and 1961. In this GRF are also depot parts which were described in previous pharagraph.

That's all for today, all updated or added GRFs are uploaded on BaNaNas :) More info in the first post of this topic.

Stefino_cz and CZTR Team

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 16 Mar 2019 23:25
by peter1138
Splitting NewGRFs up is not very nice for NewGRF slots, is it?

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 17 Mar 2019 06:55
by stefino_cz
peter1138 wrote:Splitting NewGRFs up is not very nice for NewGRF slots, is it?
We decided to split it due to size of these GRFs. In case that for example steam engines GRF has 114MB. Electric engines GRF has 50 MB and we still work on it. So we think that it is better to upload 114+150+150MB than one big 414MB file. In the end it is better for us because the NML is shorter and testing compilation is faster. And about slots - number of available GRFs was encreased or not? And we won't have 50 GRFs in our set. We have 16 active GRFs atm and I think that max number will be 25 or less and these GRF will provide all what player needs for the game :)

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 17 Mar 2019 08:00
by piratescooby
Fantastic update , I love the idea of splitting up the GRF'S , we can choose what we want to add , yes we can have over 250 Grfs loaded , I normally play 100 .Them Engines are so good , Looks like they will be my number 1 choice from now on .

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 21 Mar 2019 18:24
by Argus
The old set of rails on Bananas looks newer and replaces the new one. In RC1 1.9, the selection of newer graphics is probably automatic and I have already replaced it with this one :(

Česky: Starý set kolejí se na Bananas tváří jako novější a po stažení nahrazuje nový. V RC1 1.9 je výběr novějších grafik asi automatický a už jsem ho jednou takto nahradil :(

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 21 Mar 2019 19:05
by michael blunck
stefino_cz wrote: We decided to split it due to size of these GRFs. [...] In the end it is better for us because the NML is shorter and testing compilation is faster.
Just out of interest. How long does a 150MB compilation need?


Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 21 Mar 2019 20:59
by stefino_cz
Argus: it is due to our bridge set, which include dependency on Rails 1.0.0. You have to delete it.

Michael: If you already have NML chache, it is quite fast. But without chache it takes +- 5 minutes? It is not so much but it is really annoying if you need fast compilations if you test something :)

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 21 Mar 2019 22:01
by andythenorth
Compile speed doesn't appear to have linear relation to final grf size.

More likely it grows in proportion to total number of sprites, and/or complex expressions.

In many cases though, nmlc is simply *too slow*.
  • nmlc takes about 45 seconds to compile Iron Horse nml (far too long)
  • grfcodec compiles the equivalent nfo in about 2 seconds. :twisted:
This nmlc performance isn't acceptable and there are possibilities to solve it.

I don't want to derail this thread though, better discussed in newgrf technical forum in future. :D

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 21 Mar 2019 23:04
by Argus
I have deleted the bridges and it's okay, but probably there will be a problem with previously saved games. However, it will be anyway, due to the deletion of old versions.

Česky: Smazal jsem mosty a je to v pořádku, asi ale bude problém s dříve uloženými hrami. Ten však bude tak jako tak, kvůli smazání starých verzí....

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 23 Mar 2019 15:57
by Zley_Muffle
Removed all dependencies on CZTR Rails for Bridges, should not request downloading old (1.0.0) version of Rails.

Plus some minor changes ;)

Available for download on BaNaNaS

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 27 Mar 2019 14:42
by Argus
Recently I have problems loading trains, only two are loaded and then only new wagons appear.... It happens when I change the graphics, I note that just before you start the game, you only need to replace the industrial set and start new game.
Česky: V poslední době mám problémy s načítáním vlaků, načtou se pouze dva a pak se objevují pouze nové vagóny :cry:
Stane se to když změním grafiky, podotýkám, že před započetím hry, stačí jen vyměnit průmyslový set a započít novou hru.

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 02 Apr 2019 13:04
by farsight87

I just wanted to thank you for the work you have put into this set. It looks great so far and I cannot wait to see more updates!

Keep up the excellent work.


Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 10 Apr 2019 10:03
by Holyhong
Great work!!! I am just so amazed. You made this diamond modern again!

I started to play with your GRFs and I really enjoy your style.

Since I am not czech, will I be able to keep playing your industrial GRFs? Or will it be in czech only?
And do you know when you might be able to release your industry sets, approximately?

Is it also possible to sort your downloadable GRFs? I am a bit confused which ones are the most recent ones and which ones are suspended, since the names of the GRFs are so mixed up.
This question might have been asked several times already, but do I have to download the GRFs again after they got updated?

Thanks in advance!

Re: [CZTR / 32bpp ] - Czech total replacement

Posted: 10 Apr 2019 11:42
by Holyhong

my depots for trains look a bit odd.
Is this a known issue?

For basic graphics, I use "abase", but even in origianl OTTD graphics it looks the same way.

See attached pic below.

Can anybody help me out?