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Re: Unsinkable Sam

Posted: 02 Oct 2020 15:15
by CrazyReese
I'll eagerly wait for the full release of Sam.. The modern passenger ships looks fine. Kinda' feels weird playing the game in modern era using FISH'es Paddleboat Steam, and the 400 Passenger hovercraft costs a lot.

Re: Unsinkable Sam

Posted: 25 Oct 2020 07:18
by andythenorth
Using warmed-over sprites from FISH wasn't exactly floating my boat, so I've been improving pixels.

These are derived from FISH, but are now close to 100% repainted. :twisted:

Steam (1900-ish) and diesel (1950-ish) versions of a standard 540t freighter.

New version - steam, diesel.
sam-shackleton-steam-diesel.png (11.73 KiB) Viewed 237 times
Previous version.
shackleton-previous.png (13 KiB) Viewed 228 times

Re: Unsinkable Sam

Posted: 25 Oct 2020 21:35
by arikover
Nice ones!