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Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 05 Feb 2016 14:23
by GarryG
Update: 7th Junel 2016

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Version 8
Version 8 Game Files and Documents
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This is a Industry set based on Australian as some industries been given Australian names such as Stockyard is called Abattoirs, Grain Mill called Flour Mill.

Many smaller Industries been added based on what was found at Railway Stations and Sidings such as Goods Sheds, Parcel Office, Wool Dump, Grain Silo and more.

This set is a as a fork of SPI by 3iff and FIRS 1.4.3 by Andythenorth.

Much thanks and credit goes to the makers of those 2 Industry sets. List of these helper in next section below.

Like to give thanks to MIKK for testing the Industry set and helping to iron out some of the problems that I missed. Much obliged. Sorry Mikk not able to add you to the section below as it will not allow me to edit it.

Source Codes:
Version 8 Source Files
(11.06 MiB) Downloaded 453 times

I am using OpenTTD 1.6.0 .. hope it works with older versions.

ABATTOIRS :- Accept: Livestock, Supplies, . Produce: Fertilizer, Food
AGRICULTURE FARM :- Accept: Fertilizer, , . Produce: Fruit, Vegetables
ARABLE FARM :- Accept: Fertilizer, , . Produce: Cotton, Grain
BREWERY :- Accept: Fruit, Grain, Supplies. Produce: Alcohol,
BRICK WORKS :- Accept: Clay, Coal, Sand. Produce: Building Materials,
BUILDER YARD :- Accept: Building Materials, , . Produce: Goods,
BULK TERMINAL A :- Accept: Cotton, Grain, Wool. Produce: Farm Supplies, Supplies
BULK TERMINAL B :- Accept: Alcohol, Fruit, Vegetables. Produce: Fish, Lumber
CEMENT PLANT :- Accept: Clay, Gravel, . Produce: Building Materials,
CLAY PIT :- Accept: Petrol, , . Produce: Clay,
COAL MINE :- Accept: Lumber, , . Produce: Coal, Gravel
CREAM SHED :- Accept: , , . Produce: Milk,
DAIRY :- Accept: Milk, Supplies, . Produce: Food,
DAIRY FARM :- Accept: Farm Supplies, , . Produce: Livestock, Milk
FERTILIZER PLANT :- Accept: Chemicals, , . Produce: Farm Supplies, Fertilizer
FISHING HARBOUR :- Accept: , , . Produce: Fish,
FLOUR MILL :- Accept: Grain, Supplies, . Produce: Food,
FOOD PROCESSOR :- Accept: Fish, Fruit, Vegetables. Produce: Food,
FOREST :- Accept: , , . Produce: Wood,
FRUIT PACKING SHEDS :- Accept: , , . Produce: Fruit, Vegetables
FRUIT PLANTATION :- Accept: Fertilizer, , . Produce: Fruit, Vegetables
FUEL DEPOT :- Accept: Petrol, Chemicals, . Produce: Farm Supplies, Goods
FURNITURE FACTORY :- Accept: Metal, Supplies, Lumber. Produce: Goods,
GLASS WORKS :- Accept: Sand, Chemicals, . Produce: Building Materials, Supplies
GOODS SHED A :- Accept: Fish, Fruit, Goods. Produce: Building Materials, Goods
GOODS SHED B :- Accept: Goods, Parcels, Alcohol. Produce: Parcels, Goods
GRAIN SILOS :- Accept: , , . Produce: Grain,
IRON ORE MINE :- Accept: Lumber, , . Produce: Iron Ore, Clay
IRON WORKS :- Accept: Iron Ore, Wood, . Produce: Metal,
LIME KILN :- Accept: Coal, Gravel, . Produce: Chemicals,
LIQUIDS TERMINAL :- Accept: Oil, , . Produce: Chemicals, Petrol
LIVESTOCK SALES YARDS :- Accept: Livestock, , . Produce: Livestock, Fertilizer
LIVESTOCK SIDING :- Accept: Livestock, , . Produce: Livestock, Fertilizer
LOADING BANK A :- Accept: Alcohol, Lumber, Vegetables. Produce: Farm Supplies, Supplies
LOADING BANK B :- Accept: Building Materials, Fish, Wood. Produce: Farm Supplies, Lumber
LOCOMOTIVE FUEL DEPOT :- Accept: Coal, Petrol, Water. Produce: ,
LUMBER YARD :- Accept: Chemicals, Lumber, . Produce: Building Materials,
MACHINE SHOP :- Accept: Metal, , . Produce: Building Materials, Supplies
METAL FABRICATION :- Accept: Metal, , . Produce: Goods,
METAL WORKSHOPS :- Accept: Chemicals, Metal, . Produce: Goods,
MIXED FARM :- Accept: Farm Supplies, , . Produce: Grain, Livestock
OIL REFINERY :- Accept: Oil, , . Produce: Chemical, Petrol
OIL RIG :- Accept: , , . Produce: Oil, Passengers
OPEN CUT COAL MINE :- Accept: Petrol, , . Produce: Coal, Gravel
PAPER MILL :- Accept: Chemicals, Wood, . Produce: Goods,
PARCELS OFFICE :- Accept: Parcels, , . Produce: Parcels,
PORT :- Accept: Coal, Iron Ore, Livestock. Produce: Metal,
PUB :- Accept: Alcohol, , . Produce: ,
QUARRY :- Accept: Petrol, , . Produce: Gravel, Sand
SAWMILL :- Accept: Wood, , . Produce: Lumber,
SHEEP FARM :- Accept: Farm Supplies, , . Produce: Livestock, Wool
SHOPPING CENTER :- Accept: Fruit, Alcohol, Vegetables. Produce: Mail, Food
SMITHY FORGE :- Accept: Metal, , . Produce: Goods,
STEEL MILL :- Accept: Coal, Iorn Ore, . Produce: Metal,
SUGAR PLANTATION :- Accept: Farm Supplies, , . Produce: Milk, Sugarcane
SUGAR REFINERY :- Accept: Sugarcane, Supplies, . Produce: Food,
TEXTILE MILL :- Accept: Cotton, Supplies, Wool. Produce: Goods,
TIMBER SIDING :- Accept: , , . Produce: Wood,
VINEYARD :- Accept: Fertilizer, Farm Supplies, . Produce: Alcohol, Fruit
WATER TOWER LARGE :- Accept: , , . Produce: Water,
WOOL DUMP :- Accept: , , . Produce: Cotton, Wool


The amount the following produce depends on the size of the town nearby.



Delivery of the following have an impact on TOWNGROWTH




When I designed Industry set I basically made it for those who make scenarios so can place the industry how you want.

The Goods Sheds, Loading Bank, Wool Dump, Grain Silos, Stock Yards and a few others are all designed so can be placed together if wish in what ever combination you like as they would have been in real life at railway stations and sidings. This in turn makes an interesting industry when they are joined. Just joining a Goods Shed and a Loading Bank increased accept cargos to 5 (might change it to 6 later) and produces 4, which in turns makes it a busy station. Make it good if want to have a Freight train with mixed cargos.

If you feel the cargos from those Industries I added could be better distributed please let me know with your ideas.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 05 Feb 2016 14:28
by GarryG
The game is based on FIRS and SPI Industry sets.

They are both great industry sets much credit goes to those who designed them.

I would like to show my appreciation and thanks to the following:

Andythenorth, FooBar, planetmaker, Terkhen and Yexo, and many others who designed the FIRS Industry sets.

3iff for guidence and teaching me to use NML and the use of his project SPI which he also based on FIRS.

The FRISS Team - I used the parcel office graphics from the Finnish Rail Infrastructure & Stations Set (grf file Kurkimaki).

Andythenorth, planetmaker and yexo for some graphics I used from the CHIP Station Set.

Sanchimaru, Oz, norfolksouthern37, Zimmlock, Ben_K, Born Acorn, mph, Arte Pro 34 and andythenorth for the Livestock pen graphics from Industrial Stations Renewal (ISR) v1.0.2.

Also much thanks goes to Kamnet and McZapkie who have helped me with this and other projects.

The Pub - credits goes to Coalroads_Artists.


SPI 1.1 Designed his ideas from FIRS 1.4.3 and I took my ideas from SPI 1.1.


I have made this Industry Set for my own personal liking. I like the old ways where cargos where taken to rail heads and thence transported by rail.

It may or may not suit everyones idea of game mods for OpenTTD.

There is no guarantee this project will work successfully. It works for what I want, but may not work how you had hoped.

I'm still don't fully understand the programming so it all trial and errors to make this Industry Set and
pray it works successfully for everyone to enjoy.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 05 Feb 2016 15:13
by 3iff
Wow, I got you into NML and look what you're doing now. Congrats.

Unfortunately I'm busy with other things at the moment so I won't have time to look at this now, but I will do so soon.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 05 Feb 2016 15:43
by GarryG
3iff wrote:Wow, I got you into NML and look what you're doing now. Congrats.
Thanks kindly .. everything I been doing is your fault and some McZapkie's too as you fellas got me started in all this. :D

Very much appreciated as it something I enjoy even if I don't know what I doing sometimes. :)

A few ideas I still looking at .. instead of the Coal Mine, Ore Mine and Bauxite Mine accepting passengers, let them accept Timber for shoring up the roof in the mines. They all produce slag, so this can be an extra cargo to produce as either Gravel, Clay and Sand. Ore Mine I seen had clay type soils around it.

Also thinking to change Farm Supplies to Fertilizer. Farms that grow crops can accept the Fertilizer and maybe some can accept Supplies as well.

But when your tied lots of ideas go through the old noggin. I off to bed it almost 3 in morning here now.


Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 02:09
by GarryG
Change-Log for next issue
Update 7th Feb 2016 4:15 pm

The issue above has the following changes (much thanks to help from Andythenorth).

Parcels Office, both Goods Sheds and both Loading Banks will produce depending on size of the town they are near. Small town will produce small amount, big town big amount.

Loading Bank A now produces Scrap Metal .. (I'm reliving one of the railway stations I worked at .. placed a few bogie opens next the Loading Bank and Wool dump and scrap dealers would visit the town and buy the scarp from the locals and the farmers in the area. The wagons would then be sent to the Steel Mills. Some of the larger stations the local Scrap Yards would do simular).

Removed the Scrap Yard as the Loading Bank A, Metal Workshops and Port all provide Scrap Metal
Added: Sugar Plantation and Sugar Refinery.. Refinery at moment produces Food.

I got one Cargo ID and 2 Industry IDs still spare .. not sure yet what other cargo to add as have several ideas.

I don't intend to issue another version for a week or more until I sure this one is working ok.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 04:41
by GarryG
He's a image of the Industries I had added. Only one missing is the Pub .. the new Pub graphics will be in the next issue.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 09:26
by Mikk
Will check it out over the next few days.
Looks good.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 07 Feb 2016 09:30
by GarryG
Thanks Mikk much appreciated some one tests it. I having a go doing the footbridges .. have a look at my over forum for a peek.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 12 Feb 2016 01:51
by GarryG
Seems like been no problems with this Industry set. I like to make the following changes.

Since Goods Sheds and Loading Banks and Pub basically accept what the Grocer's Shop accepted, I have removed the Grocer's Shop.

Also looking at removing the Hotel and Freight Depot. As Goods Sheds, Loading Banks and Pub handles these too.

With Grocer's Shop. Hotel and Freight Depot removed this allows me 3 different industries to replace them.

Thinking of bring some Station Buildings from the Objects set to this set and make them the Parcels Office. Maybe have 2 types like I have 2 different Goods Sheds.

The Freight Depot thinking of changing it to a Sales Yard .. another place to deliver Livestock to. It to act like a place farmers would bring their livestock to auction them.

If you have a suggestion let me know.

Change Log as of 12th Feb 2016:

The next issue (probably be available later next week) to make the game play more interesting I changed the following industries to produce depending on size of the town.

Cream Shed, Fruit Packing Shed, Goods Shed A, Good Shed B, Grain Silos, Livestock Sidings, Loading Bank A, Loading Bank B, Parcels Office and Wool Dump.

Hotel and Freight Depot have now been removed.

Over the next day or so hope to add new Parcels Office and some other Industry types.
New parcels Office and Livestock Sale yards
New parcels Office and Livestock Sale yards
ParcelsOffice.png (27.11 KiB) Viewed 20584 times
As you can see my pic on left lines up nicely with Dutch Platforms. Also added a Livestock Sale Yards for farmers to auction their livestock. Some livestock sold for breeding but most of it for meat, hence produces Food.

Update: 13/2/2016

Think I might change the idea of the Parcel Office being a Railway station of that size. When I tried to add it to my scenario looked a bit odd the same station in every town. The building I had before maybe better suited as it didn't matter where it was located as long as it was in range of a railway station, and it looked ok if it was in the town. So today I will put my thinking cap back on and see what idea I come up with.

Update: 14/2/2016

The Parcels Office changed back to original building.

No new additions been added.

Latest and possible the last version (if no problems found) has been added at the beginning of this forum.

I hope to sit back and enjoy playing the game and scenario making for a while.

Hope you all enjoy what I did in this Industry Set.


Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 14 Feb 2016 00:54
by Mikk
Hi Garry

I tested pretty well everything and only found two problems.
I cant get scrap metal from the port and the parcel depot never produces any parcels.
Other than that it is all brilliant. I love the dutch stations. They fit in very nice.

A few suggestions if I may.

Can we carry sugarcane in open (or even hopper) wagons? Would seem more realistic that way.

Has anyone made a container terminal yet. I see you have container wagons and a few spaces left for cargoes. Maybe a container port and an inland terminal (maybe the freight depot) to transport them to. Maybe some other industries could accept or produce containers too. All the goods and food producing industries could export their product in containers that you have to transport to a port. Would be good if their was a switch or someway to decide if they produce goods etc for local use or containers for export. Maybe just have factory A and B like the goods sheds.
It would be good to see container trains running around with all the others. They are about the only thing missing.

I know I had other ideas but I cant remember them. Will let you know later.

Love the footbridges. They add a lot. I spend more time building stations than laying track
Anyway thanks again for all your hard work Ill keep playing and let you know my thoughts.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 14 Feb 2016 01:23
by GarryG
Thanks Mikk for your report.

That one reason I like to have a break from coding for awhile so I can play some games myself and see what happening and also help figure out other ideas.

Not sure if new version above has fixed the parcels and Port problems as I not had chance test properly for a while. Just know they did work once upon a time.

There is a Container freight station and harbour set 'harbour.grf'

The ISR (Industrial Stations Renewal Set) and DWE sets have containers and Marshalling Yards that might be suitable what you want.

I'll have to play the game and see if they have everything covered. The Freight Depot I removed, maybe can bring it back but make it a lot larger. Might try making a Wool Brokers Industry for delivering Wool and Cotton to for Export. Can also turn it into Goods.

Your right about the sugar cane .. flat wagons and open wagons would be better and more realistic. Actually in Australia sugarcane wasn't transported by main line trains. They had their own private narrow gauge rail system. The cane was transported to the refinery either by this tram system or by barge on the rivers.

These days almost everything is carried in containers so probably could make some changes so these carry more items.

The AuzTrains and NSWTrains has container wagons later in the game. AuzTrains .. not be ready for a while as still changing the graphics to some locomotives. Could easily change a few things in NSWTrains and use it to test the idea of sugar cane in different wagons and more items in containers.

I'll play the game today and see if that helps me think of ideas. Cheers

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 14 Feb 2016 04:51
by GarryG
I did a quick test on the Auzind .. it definitely not working properly and at moment I don't know why.

The Port is not producing Scrap Metal.

The parcels Office did produce parcels .. so seems that problem is fixed.

When I make a scenario and start a game with it all raw material industries close down with in 2 months of starting a game.

Keep you informed if I find the answers.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 14 Feb 2016 11:57
by andythenorth
GarryG wrote:The Port is not producing Scrap Metal.
Post the nml for the port here, I'll have a look (just the port is enough, don't need the rest). :)

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 14 Feb 2016 12:11
by GarryG
Thanks andythenorth ..

it got me stumped why it not produce the 2nd cargo.
(372.29 KiB) Downloaded 282 times
Still not find why some industries close when start game such as coal mine, ore mine and a few other. Version 2.1 was ok .. so I think it a conflict with something I added. I intend to go back to that version and add one new industry at a time see if can iron out what conflicted.

You help much appreciated.

Cheers Garry

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 14 Feb 2016 18:58
by andythenorth
Scrap cargo no-production is caused by this line ;)

Code: Select all

prod_multiplier: [9];
Set a second value for the second cargo, you'll be good. :)


Code: Select all

prod_multiplier: [9, 7];

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 14 Feb 2016 22:53
by GarryG
Thank you Andythenorth ..

prod_multiplier: [9];

I just had a look at the NML of FIRS 1.4.3 and it the same.

That came from FIRS 1.4.3 as that where I got my data from to try learn somethings.

Wonder if that has followed through to other versions.

Appreciate you helping

Update: That worked .. Port now produces both cargos. Thank you. Now to find out why some places close. I think that is a conflict with either some industries I removed or a conflict with one I added.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 15 Feb 2016 07:33
by andythenorth
GarryG wrote:That came from FIRS 1.4.3 as that where I got my data from to try learn somethings.
For some FIRS economies, the Port in 1.4.3 only produces 1 output cargo. Looks like the code you used happened to be for that 1 cargo case. :)

(Hopefully not teaching grandma to suck eggs here).
- the port-type industries are implemented as primary industries
- the prod_multiplier property sets the baseline amount produced every production cycle (8 or 9 times per month)
- prod_multiplier has up to 2 values, one for each output cargo
- if there's only one output cargo only one value is set for prod_multiplier

If input cargos are delivered:
- FIRS uses produce_cargo_arrival to clear those from 'cargo waiting to be processed'
- when the produce_256_ticks callback (8 or 9 times per month), extra output cargo may be produced, depending how much input was delivered

The cargo consumption / production is probably the most head-scratching part of industry code. :)
There is:
- base production property, which you can set
- a base production rate, which multiplies base production, and can be adjusted by monthly and random production change callbacks
- property for base input -> output ratios, for processing industries, which you can set
- production callback when cargo arrives; this can both consume and produce cargo
- production callback on 256 ticks; this can both consume and produce cargo

Properties are static values which you just set in the nml.
Callbacks get triggered by some game event, and return a value back to the game after running whatever calculations they want. Callbacks are handled in the nml graphics{} block. The switches you see are running the calculations.

-- hope that helps --

Industry closing is also handled by the production change callback (fun eh?). Industries closing after 2 months sounds exactly like an unwanted value being returned when the production change callback runs. ;)

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 15 Feb 2016 08:13
by GarryG
Appreciate you sending me this information. Some hard to sink in .. but I get the gist.

To try learning I had 2 industry sets working on .. one the original and one to practice with and I accidently got them mixed up and the practice version got released. In the practice version I had deleted a lot of stuff after Definition of the industry to try figure out how things worked. (Never learnt much). :)

I played and tested with the original earlier, but somehow got it mixed up with the practice version and that was the one I released. :(

Because I enjoying coding and making other projects I never played a game using AuzInd as like to test items on their own first, and not notice my mistake. Thanks to Mikk who pointed out the other mistakes that I eventually realised what I done.

I best to go back through each Industry, especially those I added and check the prod_multiplier.

Thanks again for you help .. and most likely not be the last time I call upon you and others in these forums.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 20 Feb 2016 06:09
by Mikk
Hi Garry
I think I found another one.
I cant get the fruit packing sheds to produce vegetables.
Plenty of fruit but no veges.

Re: Auztralian Industries (AuzInd)

Posted: 20 Feb 2016 06:25
by GarryG
Hi Mikk, Thanks for your feedback .. I just had a quick look and it works ok for me .. I just wondering if the version I put on here for people to try is the one before I altered what Andythenorth showed me.

First I only altered things for the Port and later went through and checked all the others.

Try this and see what happens ..
(2.67 MiB) Downloaded 314 times
I'll up date it back at the start too.